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Our Products

With our range of woven and knitted fabrics, we serve many different industrial sectors with innovative approach, flexible solution suggestions and creative alternatives,  

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Air Fillet Fabric Types

We serve companies producing bags, mattresses, wallets, office supplies, shoes, upholstery, automotive, slippers and clothing sectors with the Air Fillet fabric types we produce in different weights.

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Knitted Plush Fabric Types 

We provide services for different sectors like Home Textile, Toys, Garment etc. with woven and knitted plush fabric products we produce in different weights and pile lengths.

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Microfiber Cleaning Products

We produce and sell various cleaning products like mop, glass plush, cleaning gloves, etc. with woven and knitted microfiber fabrics of different weights. 

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Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

We provide sales services by producing and preparing Microfiber Cleaning Cloths. of different sizes and weights.

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Woven - Knitted Microfiber Fabrics 

We serve the woven and knitted fabrics in different pile lengths for the domestic house hold and integrated cleaning industry product manufacturers. 

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Woven - Knitted Technical Fabrics

We provide services with acrylic, polyamide and polyester fabrics in different pile lengths that we produce specifically for sectors such as Paint Rollers etc. for technical use.

Customer Satisfaction is Our Priority..

We take care to prepare all the products we produce with international standards in accordance to the demands of our customers.

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